hammercrown invitation

Alright, after having since the start of Fall to think about this, we have a specific invitation. I need your help specifically. I have put together a major opportunity with an easy entrance for you, which builds slowly over time after the initial formal entrance.

This is time sensitive, as I will outline, and I am working to keep this brief. I was going to make an audio recording of this, but I thought this would be better in text to refer to more easily. Please let me know whatever questions you have. I can be flexible.

  1. I need your help as Director; either as last cofounder, or first member.
  2. I then need your help to bridge a gap, in front of the investor and team.

I would prefer you be the final cofounder but that distinction is mostly just up to you. Do you want that kind of recognition? That is largely the only difference, because of how the organization is run. The role of Director individuals is to act on behalf of Members. But in corporate terms, being a Cofounder also makes you a Manager of the legal entity, with special rights, etc. You are able to walk into a bank, sign contracts with more authority, etc.

You are the best qualified person to step into an arrangement like this with me. You uniquely understand how to play this type of work going forward, and I trust your judgement on technical assessments. I am not the easiest person to understand. Very few people know it is possible to crack the code, but you know the code. I communicate well with the difficult to understand people who we need badly. You and I ought to be able to translate any concept for anyone in the organization, and we need that badly.

The organization, campaigns, systems, and many other items are very involved, and only I thoroughly understand them. There are many complex concepts which need to be worked out more clearly over the next several years, and an amazing team to support long-term.

Most of your involvement would involve listening to detailed systems and strategies, and working with me to clarify or better organize things, or take it to the next level together. Then when people have questions, you and I both understand, and whoever is available answers first. That dynamic is something I have not had for over 18 months.


This will entail 2-10 hours per week usually, depending on the time you have available that week. It will likely be a total of ~10 hours per month, as an estimate or guideline.

This role would involve:

  • Reviewing design, strategy, and structural documents and giving feedback.
  • Performing limited testing, mostly to remain familiar with systems deployed.
  • Provide executive-level support only, keeping cofounders and members going.
  • Performing technical assessments; eventually creating integrated testing suites.
  • Represent the company in certain cases, with plenty of preparation as needed.
  • Working with me to co-author various technical and procedural documentation.
  • Then when you are ready, taking over all or part of various architecture projects.

Those items above being provided, plus a buy-in trade explained below, entitles you to an 8% stake in Renewal Network Limited from our perspective, as far as part-time investment.

Over time though, as your involvement increases, I anticipate you eclipsing the existing investor or us, on merits, and slowly gaining more equity from either his or our shares.

I had tried to train-up someone who worked for me in the past as an Agent, but he did not have the depth, and then suddenly disappeared after committing to complete sales in the pipeline. That was the last straw for me, because his contribution was my backup-backup plan. I usually have several contingency plans these days. This showed me I am over-extended personally, and if I had another partner, I could have kept him closer, or noticed sooner he was overwhelmed and made adjustments. Losing people on sales is devastating.


As I mentioned when we spoke in person, we are operating off of ~$100k of investment into the for-profit side, and contributions made to the non-profit side, over the last 18 months, in various forms. That was just me talking with people before needing to go more and more into the background, under more and more workload.

We are a not-for-profit, with some for-profit, and some non-profit divisions. Right now, I would value us at over $5m. That is a modest estimate because I do not have time to itemize the assets and value in the company in order to justify its worth. If I had to guess the true value, I would say over $50m. But not without the right leadership team.

Demands on that ~$100k was to be taken over by revenue we were taking over in Oregon, as I also mentioned. That runway was to run out around the end of January.

The $50k monthly income was in the area of legal Cannabis, with a model I talked through with you lightly, but not in detail. But that was not ready once we got here.

It was not a lie, it was the effect of why we were called in: they were over their heads, and we had to tell them it was at a point of needing to start over. Then I discovered it was not up to the bar on the legal aspects either, which is my job to assess. All this can only be done in person, once we already invested money getting here, setting up, and spending tons of time. They are not able to start over until this time next year, and even if they do not start over, the soonest they would be ready is the middle of the Summer.

But beyond it not being ready, and the legal issues to work out, the level of risk and difference in quality standards was too much for me to accept. That is too important to overlook for us. Our community is extremely discriminating, but also highly sensitive. Many of the people we want to serve are profoundly damaged neurologically. But more so, to us we approach it as art, and we work with the best.

On principle, we had to walk away from $50k per month for an investment of ~2 hours per day. We would literally have been making $800 per hour. But I have been down that road before. I knew it would be ruin for the company.

That left us with an immediate shortfall I need to cover. That was how I was going to continue supporting our efforts, especially in Nuclear Fusion. I will go more into the details of that after I break down a proposal based on what I said so far.


I know you have a second child on the way, drive the same MR2, and are preparing to buy a house, but I also know you know how to recognize an opportunity and you fight for the future of your family. I am going to try to make this simple and reasonable.

We need $20k, which is also what 8% of the company is documented as being worth right now, using old numbers which are out of date. But I would not feel comfortable asking for that. I would be happy with $10k and the rest in trade, but would prefer lower still.

But the least I can do is $5k to provide a limited amount of time ( 30-45 days ) for me to correct this critical issue, and diversify our income across at least these industries:

  • Construction companies using systems and companies managed by my Dad and I.
  • Cannabis participants using systems and brands managed by Carrie Lynn and I.
  • Technology customers using systems and services managed by you and I.
  • Media subscribers contributing to NGO efforts, managed by Carrie Lynn and I.
  • Shares of investment revenue on the various companies we sponsor right now, and own part of; especially including the Fusion company, which ought to gain x100 value this year alone, based largely on our involvement.

In thinking about how can that be worked down to $5-10k, I think, apart from the number of hours you will be needed on an ongoing basis, why not agree there is a bank of 100 to 150 hours to be used over the remainder of 2021? You would give your approval on various projects with time estimates in advance, and coordinate with other commitments.

I would say $5k now, by credit card, wire transfer, or in-person deposit; then give me 30 days to reverse this situation and earn that back in memberships, retainers, and other sales.


But then, you will be entitled to a stipend starting in 3-9 months. It will be at least $1k monthly, but likely closer to $5k based on your actual involvement down the line. That means you recoup your investment within the first 2-6 months of that starting. Likely by May/June, September at the latest would be my guess.

You will also be entitled to revenue shares, but that is tricky because it is a not-for-profit.

Basically as big projects and huge wins come through, the partners will agree how much profit to make on a given deal, and then split that according to ownership.

Otherwise we do not want to make a profit, because we are doing this for the long-term mission to last until 2040. And that is what I want to choreograph with you most of all.

We want as much money as possible to go back into the organization for the long-term campaign. You can have all the perks and benefits you can sell me on, but the profits piece is a different concept. I say we have the organization cover aspects of our life instead, so it costs us nothing to live. For example, all extra costs for internet or cellular, whatever equipment we need, all or part of rent or a mortgage, etc.

Basically we make it so our stipends just go into our savings accounts. And we work the stipends up to $200k within the first 36 months. I anticipate you being able to make $120k part-time if you choose, by the Fall, if we work closely together quickly.


Right now I negotiated down a stipend for our friend Daniel, inventor of the Fusion Reactor. I cannot go into the full detail right now, you will just need to trust me on specifics unless something jumps to mind.

Originally I wanted to sponsor him at a level of at least $7.5k per month, but then things got difficult with the Cannabis situation, and I had to bring that down to $2.5k and he did not complain. He understood the situation. And our arrangement is unique, because of the type of person he is. I feel crazy saying this sometimes, but we really can save the world in several key wayrs.

Right now I am behind by several weeks on his stipend, so he is actually working for more like $1.25k right now. I need to immediately send him $2.5k.

He is on track to raise $5m with me before the Fall, which we will be making at least $1-4m of, then another $50m in the years after that, which we make $10-25m of then.

For ourselves, we have invested more than the $100k others brought to the table, and also need at least $2.5k immediately, to be able to start moving out of the area and getting moving on the income streams down South. Right now, this is an emergency to me.

I have had to work day and night to course-correct so we had the business units not related to Cannabis up and running soon, as we get on a new timeline.

Once we get to California and set up somewhere permanently, we can get back to the point of making over $50k monthly from Cannabis, legally. This is using a membership model we already put together.

Overall, managed properly, we can be making millions per year with almost no staff, with various verticals, subsidiaries, and affiliated brands. But I want to keep a pure core of friendship, trust, and simplicity. I have fought to keep the company like that.


There are over 40 domains involved in the mesh we are deploying, for you and I to go through with a fine-toothed comb, and that is just the roots. There are nearly two decades of objectives beyond that. I have allies and a great reputation as an innovator, and an awesome leadership core, but not a full team. It is going to be radical.

I think as soon as you join officially, we become a complete leadership team, and everyone else just makes it stronger or weaker from there. I have plenty of people to bring into our group, but I really cannot see supporting the team on my own without bringing you on first. That plus the limited financial shortfall and it seems like the ideal way to join forces.

You stand to make a great side income, hopefully starting before May, and recoup the buy-in. Then by the end of the year you could be able to switch over to full-time if it replaces your income and benefits to your liking. Either way, you have part ownership of an organization growing in value over the next two decades, like a fall-back always there.

Next Steps

My Dad finally came out of recovery and is rebuilding his company in partnership with mine. I would ask him, were it not for his situation, since he is already an investor in previous systems and I am essentially top-level manager of his businesses.

Over 13 years ago I designed a system for him which he still uses today. Just over 3 years ago I redesigned it, but made key mistakes because we were trying to re-use pieces which were just not possible to keep. Then 1.5 years ago I redesigned it again, but did not have the time or budget to flesh it out up to the level of the previous two systems.

Now, I redesigned a third system, and have the forth pre-designed. I worked out approaches that take less than 20% of the time of the previous, and now the complete revamp is in reach. That on its own is worth $100k per year, starting this year, with 100 customers, all brought in by my Dad on his own. He makes $28k and we make $72k right there, year one. And I have several other systems and brands like that. That is one example of a system for you and I to knock out which brings immediate revenue.

In parallel, we are working to find land owners in California who will collaborate with us as partners, to support the NGO especially, and work to stabilize the State. We will setup there with them, and then bring Daniel and his girlfriend to stay with us part of the year, then go stay with them the rest of the year. We work very closely and very well with them.

And as mentioned, there is Cannabis revenue ahead in the neighborhood of over $50k, and from Energy, in the hundreds of thousands and into the millions.

I need your help on two levels to cross the finish line here. Everyone else I considered does not work, I have to honestly say. But within 30 days I can turn things around if I have enough time to bring in the first memberships on some of the domains we are releasing. I anticipate that will take 10-20 days once we release, but I am hung up trying to cover this gap instead of focus on that.

Ideally, if you come with us and start investing ~5 hours per week as you can, and cover the $5k option on the trade arrangement mentioned above right away, we will jump on the opportunity to go setup on California, build up the businesses there with my Dad and our partners there, and possibly even bring back that Agent team member I mentioned too.

Managing all the projects together on its own is a task in itself. That kind of challenge is going to take the kind of personal relationship we have, because it involves work that is dear to the heart, and brought together over most of this life for me. I need to have the right chemistry with the only person I so-far allowed to help organize and sequence priorities.

Please consider this as quickly as possible, and let me know what you think. Like I said, the capital does not need to be cash-on-hand, and if necessary I can cover the fees. A credit card transaction for example will cost about $150 in fees at $5k. But I can live with that.

I want to identify and solve the root problems here, and the two I mentioned are it. I need you specifically, please. I can sell bringing you on for only $5k when the other investor put in $50k, and everyone else made contributions in exchange for no ownership. Reason being, our existing partner already knows he is not prepared for the level of contribution you can make. I will work with you to make this arrangement doable.

Do you want to participate?

Please indicate your level of commitment below. Feel free to include any comments you might have. If you have concerns you need addressed first, please explain them and select the appropriate response.