Periodical memorandum regarding Renewal Network Limited ( “Renewal” ): its EPIC ( ETC // DNA ) Agenda, Esc its unincorporated guidance and administration Association ( the “Club” ), and key Fellows both spring from and support. This document process is a metronome for Renewal itself.

Each update is the detached discussion of this waypoint in time for an individual participant.

But these also serve as an informal legal instrument; an aggregate collection of by-laws, and unilateral resolutions; implicitly ratified unless stopped, rather than proposed and only effective once affirmed. These form the basis for internal agreements after the fact, or record agreements made without everyone else present, and thus make all others aware.

News is made here in the At / Blocks / Going ( “sitdowns” ) format for asynchronous meetings and content. The exercise of well written updates and the geoindependent “rubberduckie” ( thinking out loud to clarify what is internalized ) process required drives and orients us on our way forward.

Sitdowns are “point” releases written every 13 days; not “on the same interval” per se, but “at least once” in that span. These build up to Quarterlies, “minor” releases every 65 days. An overall 260-day news cycle of news in “major” releases over time results. We approximate the “semver” version structure of organization development, once all updates of Fellows are collected together.

The ideal method for these updates is to write them as best we can from top-of-mind material, then go back to previous updates and make connections to anything left open for future update. As many or few pages may be used as needed, but generally it will be one page per section question.

These are written in the voice of Renewal, from its perspective, all actively being that decentral third-person. Then to share and discuss these, with the quality of effort invested, integrates our perspectives. Finally, in our various corners of the world, this helps keep us sane and feel whole.